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Woman using clear aligner.Invisalign® is used to correct misaligned and crooked teeth, which means they should fit properly to get the results you are looking for. These dental devices can sometimes become loose and can become uncomfortable if they do not fit properly. If they are not fitted properly, they will not be effective, and some teeth can be left untreated. If you feel you have a loose Invisalign, you should visit our dental clinic Ortega Dental to have your Invisalign fixed.

How to Tell If Your Invisalign Are Loose

It is important always to know if your Invisalign is tracking well. This means that you should check how your Invisalign aligns with your top and bottom teeth. If they are not aligning well, they could be somehow loose. One reason why your Invisalign could not be aligning well with your teeth is that it could be loose at the back of your teeth. You will also notice a gap between your teeth and Invisalign, and sometimes they may not fit on one or two teeth.

The best way to check if your Invisalign fits well is to see how closely they align with the outline of your teeth. If they are properly tracked, you will feel some tightness in your teeth, indicating that your Invisalign is working well. There are not supposed to be any air pockets or gaps when you wear your Invisalign so that they can work effectively in straightening all of your teeth.

What Should I Do If My Invisalign Is Too Tight?

Your Invisalign is not supposed to be too tight nor too loose because if they are tight, you will feel pain, and if they are loose, they will not be effective. However, you need to understand that if it is your first time using Invisalign, they will definitely be snug, and before you go to adjust them, it is important to talk to your dentist to get a few tips to ease any discomfort caused by the Invisalign. In most cases, your orthodontist will advise you to get over-the-counter medications to stop the pain, and they will no longer be as tight after using the Invisalign after a while.

You also need to know that after using your Invisalign for a while, you may start to notice some signs of poor tracking. This can be frustrating, but you need to understand there are some common causes of poor tracking. One could be because your teeth are moving too fast, which usually means you should get the next Invisalign aligner in the series to continue straightening your teeth. Another reason could be that you are not complying with your dentist’s guidelines. Invisalign is supposed to be used for a specific number of hours per day - up to 22 hours, and if you do not do that, you may not see any changes. Your Invisalign aligner should only be removed for eating and drinking, and to brush your teeth.

Get A Custom-Made Invisalign Today

Here at our dental clinic, Ortega Dental, our orthodontist will ensure that your Invisalign fits well and it is not too tight or loose. You can book an appointment through (904) 864-2222 at your preferred day and time.
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If you feel you have a loose Invisalign, you should visit our dental clinic Ortega Dental to have your Invisalign fixed. Call us today!
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