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What Is Immediate Dental Implant Placement?

Posted on 3/1/2024 by Weo Admin
3d rendering of a dental implantRecent developments in dentistry have revolutionized the field of tooth replacement, resulting in an improved procedure from extraction to a restored smile. With this innovative technique, a dental implant can be placed immediately following the extraction of a tooth, simplifying the healing process and giving patients a quick and easy experience.

The Process

It starts with a comprehensive examination and planning stage, during which your dentist will use diagnostic imaging to evaluate the state of the afflicted tooth, surrounding tissues, and general oral health. A dental prosthesis will be inserted into the empty socket when it is decided to remove a broken or irreparable tooth.

The Prosthesis

A bone graft may be added during the surgery if more bone support is required. To preserve the appearance and functioning of the smile throughout the early healing phase, an interim dental crown or bridge may also be fitted immediately.


The next few weeks to months are critical for osseointegration, the physiologic response of the body by which the implant fuses with the bone surrounding it. When this integration is finished, the implant looks genuine by having a permanent repair, such as a crown, bridge, or denture, attached to it.

Effectiveness of Dental Implant Positioning

By integrating the removal of teeth and positioning of implants into a single appointment, instant implant insertion shortens the course of therapy. This effectiveness appeals to people who want a speedier route to having their smile restored.

Preserving Soft Tissue and Bone

Immediate implant placement contributes to preserving the surrounding connective tissue and bone. Preventative measures decrease the likelihood of bone loss while the natural contours of the jaw are maintained.


The smile can be immediately restored with instant installation. Patients with a temporary crown or bridge in place spend less time without a visible tooth, improving appearance and self-esteem.

Immediate implant implantation is essential in reconstructive dentistry, providing a more effective and patient-friendly method of replacing lost teeth. This process is evidence of dedication to offering innovative remedies for the best possible oral health and aesthetics as new technologies emerge. Contact us today for further details or to schedule an appointment with us.

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