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Why Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Posted on 2/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Image of a tooth that has already been extracted at Ortega Dental. You may have just gotten a diagnosis from a dental practitioner that you need a tooth removed. Tooth removals in dentistry are also called tooth extractions. Dentists have several reasons they need to remove a tooth, and all of them are for the benefit of your oral health.


One of the reasons dentists may need to remove a tooth is because of overcrowding. If you have a small mouth and large teeth, your teeth may be crowded. Tooth crowding can lead to tooth decay and gum disease because you cannot clean crowded teeth properly. Often, dentists remove teeth so that your remaining teeth can space themselves out properly. You may also need braces or clear aligners to help with your tooth respacing and bite.


Another common reason dentists need to remove teeth is due to impaction. If you have an impacted tooth, you have a tooth that cannot erupt (or move upward) through your gumline. Sometimes, teeth that are impacted can also become infected, which can lead to tooth and gum damage. One of the most common teeth that become impacted are your third molars, which are also called wisdom teeth. Some people get their wisdom teeth in late adolescence without any problems, but for other people, the wisdom teeth will never erupt properly and need to be extracted.


Head and mouth trauma is a common problem for children and adults, especially for people who play sports. If you experience mouth trauma and you get to a dentist quickly, they may be able to save the tooth. However, there are times when dentists cannot save the tooth, and they have no choice but to extract it.


One of the most common reasons dentists have to extract a tooth is due to either tooth decay or gum disease. If a cavity in one of your teeth is not caught quickly, it can eventually infect your entire tooth, and your tooth will die. Regular dental checkups help our dentists spot any cavities you may have and get them fixed quickly.

Are you concerned that you may have a tooth that needs extracting? Give our dental office a call to schedule an appointment.

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