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Will Impacted Wisdom Teeth Cause Me Problems?

Posted on 12/15/2023 by Weo Admin
X-ray image of wisdom teeth at Ortega Dental. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause irritation and other dental health problems if neglected. You need to have frequent screenings with your dentist and have them monitor the development and advancement of your wisdom teeth to avoid these possible difficulties.

Misery and Unease

When impacted wisdom teeth press against the surrounding teeth or the structure of the jawbone, they can be extremely painful and uncomfortable and cause swelling as well. It may result from chronic jaw pain, headaches, and general oral discomfort.

Gum Disorders

Having impacted wisdom teeth might make it more difficult to practice good dental hygiene, which raises the probability of gum disease. The inability to adequately clean the region can result in the buildup of bacteria and plaque, which aggravates gum inflammation and may cause periodontal problems.

Cyst Development

Cysts, sacs containing fluid that may accumulate within the jawbone, can occasionally result from impacted wisdom teeth. These cysts can harm the teeth, nerve endings, and the adjacent bone, leading to more severe problems and requiring surgery to remove them.

Dental Damage

Wisdom teeth that are impacted may press on nearby teeth, resulting in crowding, misalignment, and sometimes even harm to those teeth. It may result in problems with the alignment of the teeth and the bite, requiring orthodontic treatment to address any concerns down the road.


Due to their placement, wisdom teeth that have been impacted might be challenging to clean, which increases the likelihood of bacterial development and resulting infections. It could lead to discomfort and the need to visit a dentist immediately because it could cause irritation, inflammation, swelling, and possibly the formation of an abscess.

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With X-rays, your dentist can evaluate the health of your wisdom teeth and provide recommendations for the best course of treatment. Extraction may be necessary if the teeth are triggering problems or could cause problems in the future.

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