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Signs That A Tooth Needs to be Extracted

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Evan
Signs That A Tooth Needs to be ExtractedMany people who need tooth extraction always think of it as a painful procedure since it involves needles and scalpels. The tooth extraction procedure is not painful because your dentist uses general or local anesthesia to calm your nerves. Another thing is that living with pain in your mouth can greatly affect your life. You will not be able to chew food properly and what is worse is that it will affect your overall health. Therefore, it is better to have your tooth extracted if you are uncomfortable with your tooth. Other reasons why it may be necessary to have your tooth extracted are:

Tooth Overcrowding

If your teeth are overcrowded, it is essential to have some extracted to clean your teeth effectively. Overcrowding teeth always makes cleaning difficult. This is because tiny food particles tend to stick in between the teeth and gums, causing oral infections. Again, if your dentist has recommended you get orthodontic treatment, you will need to have the overcrowding teeth extracted so that the treatment can be successful.

Swollen Gums

If your gums are swollen, you will need to have your tooth extracted to allow your gums to heal properly. In most cases, it is the tooth that is always infected and makes the gums swell. Therefore, your dentist may prefer to have the tooth extracted to stop the spread of infection to your gums.

Loose Tooth

Sometimes a loose tooth cannot be fixed or supported by other dental procedures as it will make the situation worse. Therefore, the best option is to extract it to prevent pain and other oral issues. The missing teeth can then be later replaced with implants to allow you to chew food properly.

Tooth Fracture

If you have a tooth fracture that goes beyond the root of your tooth, you will need an extraction procedure to eliminate the pain. You are welcome at our dental clinic if you need any tooth extractions.
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