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What Surgical Procedures Can Relieve Chronic Jaw Pain

Posted on 1/23/2023 by Evan
What Surgical Procedures Can Relieve Chronic Jaw PainChronic jaw discomfort due to Temporomandibular disorder may be treated with several different surgical treatments. The kind and extent of your problem will determine the appropriate surgical procedure for you. Before choosing a course of treatment, it's crucial to have a thorough conversation with your doctor about all your choices and to balance the risks and advantages of each carefully.

Oral Surgery Can Help Treat TMD

Chronic jaw discomfort from TMD may be treated with several surgical techniques. Arthrocentesis is a frequent minimally invasive treatment for TMJ discomfort and inflammation that involves inserting a tiny needle into the joint to drain any excess fluid or debris. This may assist in alleviating discomfort by lowering the load on the affected joint.

Arthroscopy is another surgical option for treating TMD. Small incisions are made in the skin around the TMJ, and a camera and surgical equipment are inserted into the joint from the inside. After seeing the joint's interior, the surgeon may remove any injured tissue or debris, fix any structural anomalies, or reposition the jaw to enhance its function.

More invasive surgical intervention may be required for TMD treatment when conservative measures have failed. Both complete joint replacement (in which an artificial joint is implanted to replace the damaged TMJ) and open joint surgery (in which a wider incision is made to reach the TMJ) fall under this category. These procedures are usually reserved for extreme instances of TMD that have not responded to conventional therapies.

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