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Diet Recommendations After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Evan
Diet Recommendations After Wisdom Teeth ExtractionThe extraction of wisdom teeth will require a patient to get adequate rest and ensure good oral care and specific changes in their diet for several days after the procedure. The chewing function is significantly compromised after teeth extractions and a patient needs to avoid foods that are difficult to chew because they will delay healing. Diet should be adjusted appropriately during the healing period to promote quick recovery and minimize discomfort.

Post-Wisdom Teeth Extraction Diet

The patient should be cautious not to bite their tongue or lips due to numbness that last for some hours immediately after the procedure. It is highly recommended that patients eat soft foods that do not require chewing. This aids in preventing excessive movement of the jaws, which could otherwise lead to the dislodgement of the formed clot in the extraction sites. Clot dislodgment is highly discouraged since it leaves the sockets exposed hence food gets trapped in there and this further increases the risk of infection.

Following wisdom teeth extraction, hot foods should not be served since there is heightened thermal sensitivity hence the likelihood of discomfort. It is advised that the patient takes food at room temperature only.

Recommended food options include broths, soups, mashed potatoes, and smoothies. Foods with high mineral and protein content such as cottage cheese and yogurt should be consumed after extraction. A patient should avoid foods that are likely to get trapped in the extraction sites like pulp or seeds. Using straws to take fluids should also be avoided. Adequate water intake is required and food particles can be flushed out by rinsing the mouth with water after meals.

When to Resume Eating Normally

The patient can transition to eating a normal diet after a few days. Three days after the procedure, a patient can start consuming colder or warmer food. After one week, one can try harder foods but should be cautious about seeds and foods that can get trapped. Sugary foods as well as beverages should be avoided because they pose a greater risk for socket infection. Find out about wisdom teeth extractions and aftercare from our dental team.

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